Curtain bangs are now a trendy hairstyle and a great number of girls are now interested in how to cut curtain bangs. It’s quite easy and I am telling you girl you can do it by yourself as like a pro. Curtain bangs bring all sorts of styling versatility. This wispy and perfect hairstyle is great for long lengths, short looks, ponytails, and everything in between. Follow this how-to-cut curtain bangs article a step-by-step guide to giving yourself the hottest hairstyle look.

Create a center part

Start with creating a center part in your hair and try to make this as straight as possible.

Start the curtain bangs

Now go back 2 to 3 inches up in your hair and keep your head straight and lay your comb on the top of your head. Well, wherever it will lay flat that’s the top of your head. This is an ideal spot to start the curtain bangs. Afterward, follow the arch of your eyebrows, and wherever the arch goes to your hair mark it because that’s where you gonna drag it to.

Create the parting

Now, create the parting from that little point up top and diagonally bring it down to the arch of our eyebrow with the help of the comb. Then clip side hairs so that section stays nice and clean. Now do the same exact thing on the other side and clip the side hairs. Balance the parting hair out as much as you can it’s obviously not going to be perfect but just do your best.

Cutting curtain bangs

Now make sure you wet them. After wetting your bangs smooth it out with the comb nice and flat. Now, use your chin as your guide for this process of keeping the length around it. Now, take your comb underneath it and then use your two fingers to grab them. Then go right down to your chin and cut the hair straight underneath your two fingers. While initialing length removal make sure that to don’t cut too short–remember that you can always cut more length off!

Part and angle curtain bangs

After cutting it now part it back in the center where you will have two distinct sections. Now angle them. This part is really easy to do because it’s already naturally angled. So, you’re gonna just give it a little bit of a layer also it kinda gives a nicer sweep.

Cut parting bangs on a diagonal angle

Afterward, tuck a part of the bangs away by placing it behind your ear. Now, take our comb right up to the other parting piece and lay it parallel to that part, and drag it down on a diagonal angle. Once you get to the end you’ll see where your finger meets the edge use that as your point to cut everything else underneath your two fingers. After cutting it just drop it and you will see a beautiful little angle. Now leave that off to the side and do this on the other side very nicely and quickly. Now, go to parallel to other parts straight down and make sure that your finger and your parting are at the same exact diagonal angle. Once you get to the end don’t cut that last piece. Cut everything else down underneath your two fingers like the previous one nice and quick.

However, you still need to texturize these bangs. So, dry it with a hairdryer and cut the remaining loose strands diagonally on the sides to the longest length of the fringe. Now, use a hair roller to curl the two sides of your bangs which will give your bangs more volume while you style those curtain bangs. I hope that after reading this tutorial article on how to cut curtain bangs now you can apply this process efficiently.