Actually, for any Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian the Turkish salad will be very familiar. It is a fresh vegetable dish that is consumed daily in any area of ​​the Mediterranean. A simple salad that shows that sometimes with little you can make healthy and delicious dishes. E n another article Okdiario-made recipes salad Greek, Turkish today.

Turkey is a paradise for vegetable lovers

Turkey is famous for its meat recipes like kebab, and yet it also has a wide variety of recipes with vegetables. Salads, soups, and stews with vegetables are basic recipes in Turkish cuisine. There is not a single recipe for Turkish salad but rather different varieties depending on the area of ​​the country.

Turks appreciate seasonal vegetables, as we do in other Mediterranean countries where vegetables and fruit are abundant. In Turkey, they even have a term for vegetable dishes that contain olive oil, ‘zeytinyağlılar ‘ (or those with olive oil). All ‘zeytinyağlı’  vegetables are cooked similarly as vegetables are cut and then cooked in the pressure cooker. They are seasoned with spices and olive oil and served with rice.

Among the typical dishes of Turkish cuisine,  there are many that are particularly easy to prepare and suitable to be enjoyed in the warmer months. Among these dishes, we also have the famous Turkish salad, a particular and fresh way of preparing couscous.

Today we will follow you step by step in the preparation of the Turkish salad.


The recipe that we propose in this article has been dosed for 4 people.  Obviously, if there are more or less four people on your table, we advise you to adapt the dosage of the ingredients according to the mouths to feed.

The ingredients needed to prepare this Turkish salad are therefore the following:

  • Spring onions;
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh mint, washed and chopped;
  • 2 tablespoons of parsley, washed and chopped;
  • The juice of one lemon;
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil;
  • 170 grams of couscous;
  • 60 grams of raisins;
  • A quarter of a cucumber;
  • Salt and pepper, just enough;
  • 3 ripe tomatoes.


After having prepared and measured out all the ingredients, you can move on to the preparation, starting with the couscous which should be left to soak in cold water for about half an hour.

After half an hour, you can drain the couscous, with the help of a rather thinly textured colander, so as to eliminate all excess water. At this point, place the drained couscous in a bowl and set it aside.

Take the quarter cucumber, tomatoes, and spring onions and start cutting everything into cubes, eliminating the parts to be discarded, such as the skin and seeds. Combine these ingredients with the couscous that you had set aside and mix everything together.

Add lemon juice, chopped herbs, that is mint and parsley, oil to the couscous with vegetables and continue to mix everything with the help of a spoon. Adjust with salt and pepper to your taste.

Put the bowl with the couscous salad in the refrigerator, you can keep it for a few hours, until it’s time to serve it at the table.