The strawberry tree is a fruit of the forest, a berry, which comes from the small tree of the same name ( Arbutus unedo ), with a mild flavor and full of good properties. It is mainly used in the preparation of sauces and liqueurs, but with this fruit, you can also easily make a delicious jam.

The tree begins to bear fruit at the end of September and the harvest season lasts until December, so the ideal time to encourage you to make this recipe is about to begin. The ripening period of the strawberry trees is short, so when they are at their point, it is advisable not to wait too long to take them or to use them in a recipe worthy of gourmet palates. Another option? Learn how to make arbutus jam, a delicious natural proposal, perfect for breakfasts and snacks.


  • 800 grams of strawberry trees
  • 400 grams of sugar
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 stick or a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

First, wash the strawberry trees very well, removing any remaining leaves or sticks they may have. It is not necessary that you peel them since their rough skin with small spikes is difficult to remove, but you must make sure that there are no traces of dust or dirt on it.

Step: 2

Put the strawberry trees in a saucepan and take them to the fire to start cooking. It is important to do it over low heat so that they slowly release the liquid they contain.

Step: 3

After about 5 minutes, add the sugar and turn up to low-medium heat. Stir slowly and add the juice of one lemon. If you want to give it a touch of cinnamon, also add a stick of the spice or a pinch of ground cinnamon.

Step: 4

With all the ingredients of your arbutus jam on the fire, let them mix while you stir with a wooden spoon every few minutes. Calculate that you should have them cook for about 30-35 minutes until these red or forest fruits are almost undone.

Step: 5

Turn off the heat and all you have to do is mash the fruit very well so that it acquires the texture of a rich jam. You can do it in two steps. First, pour the mixture into a blender glass and beat at medium power for a couple of minutes. Next, so that the jam is even finer and free of remains of the shell of the strawberry trees, pass the mixture through a Chinese strainer, which is a fine conical strainer, exerting enough pressure to take advantage of every last drop.

Step: 6

You already have the strawberry jam made. To preserve it, use a previously sterilized glass jar . We recommend that you write down on a label what it is and on what date you did it, so it will be easier for you to identify what you have in this jar.

In addition to eating toast with strawberry jam , remember that you can also use it as an original accompaniment in roast meat recipes and also as a pastry ingredient, for example, as a soft filling for cakes and biscuits.


  • This simple recipe for strawberry jam is an excellent idea to take advantage of the good properties of this fruit of the forest, especially its high content of vitamin C, which makes it a powerful natural antioxidant.
  • The amount of sugar that we have indicated is approximate. The strawberry tree has a mild flavor, with a certain resemblance to plums. You don’t need to add more sugar, but if you have a sweet tooth, it’s okay to add a little more to the mixture.
  • Keep your homemade jam in a glass jar. If you want to keep it for a longer time, put them in it freshly made, while still hot, and close the container immediately. This way you will achieve a vacuum (you will be able to hear the characteristic sound) and the jam will last for months in perfect condition and without having to store it in the fridge (something that you will have to do once opened).
  • You can also make strawberry jam in Thermomix. If you have this option at hand, reduce the cooking time of the fruits with the sugar and the lemon to only about 10 minutes and then pass the mixture through the thermomix (about 5 – 8 seconds at power 5)
  • If the jam is too thick for you, you can add a little water to lighten its texture.