Backsplashes carved out of glass are highly adaptable and can complement nearly any kitchen color scheme and theme. They are also more sanitary than tile backsplashes.


The backsplash is one of the most essential kitchen components for style. While many homeowners tend to stick with ceramic tile or steel for the backsplash, many creative alternatives offer more value and longevity.

Glass backsplashes for kitchens can produce a modern aesthetic and be painted in various hues and patterns to complement the kitchen’s color palette. They are also easier to clean and are more resistant to oil splashes than traditional tile backsplashes.

Another great alternative to a traditional tile backsplash is a herringbone pattern. This timeless design looks great with a wide range of cabinetry styles.

If you love the look of a herringbone backsplash but still decide to commit to it permanently, try incorporating herringbone pattern accents into your kitchen. You can use them on the backsplash, counters, or even as a frame for artwork above the stove. This is a perfect way to contrast the kitchen while maintaining a modern aesthetic visually.


While tile backsplashes are a common choice, custom glass kitchen back panels add a touch of luxury to any modern kitchen. They’re also easier to clean than tiles and are more resilient against oil stains.

Concrete countertops are versatile for modern kitchens and are available in various colors. They can be stained, stamped, and textured to match any design style.

Whether you want frosty white or topaz blue, you’ll find the perfect granite kitchen countertop ideas for your home.

Bright lighting and glass-front cabinets help open this small kitchen space, and the contrasting textures of the countertops create a unique look.


Cabinets are among the most critical components of a modern kitchen. They’re where you store the food, dishes, and accessories that help the room stand out and look its best.

Solid cabinet doors tend to close off the space and make it feel dark, but glass can make all the difference. It will reflect the natural light around them, making the room feel bigger and more open.

Glass is also the perfect material to obscure those ugly cereal boxes and other unsightly clutter. Frosted glass is an excellent choice for this, but you can get creative with the design to add a little bit of personality.

Glass installation can encompass a variety of projects, from windows and doors to glass partitions and custom glass features. 

Try finger-grooved cabinet door designs to match your other hardware for a fun look. This is an affordable way to add flair and stay within the modern style. Choose a water drop, block, or dimple pattern to keep the style cohesive and sleek.


There’s something magical about mirrors. Light bounces off of them, and they show an image of whatever’s behind them. Mirrors can be made of any material, but glass is the most common.

Glass is also durable, rigid, and easy to shape. It can be curved, etched, gilded, or even shaped into multiple facets to produce decorative effects such as bevels and multiple angled surfaces.

Modern mirrors are typically coated in a multi-layer process. The first step is cleaning and polishing the surface to remove impurities. Next, it is coated in a silvering solution (which does not contain actual silver) to prevent oxidation. Finally, a dielectric coating is applied to enhance the reflection for specific wavelengths of light.