Leaving your furry companion behind while you go on a trip is always difficult. But if you can find the best boarding facility you trust to leave your dog at will make it easier to leave them behind. There are a few ways you can be sure you are dropping your dog off at an excellent boarding facility.

The Building

The first sign you are sending your dog to an excellent boarding facility is the building itself. If you choose to board your dog at a pet hospital, chances are they are safe and well-equipped for boarding dogs. Next, check the fences to see how tall they are and how they are latched to check if your dog can escape easily. Finally, check to see how clean the building and outdoor area are and ask how often they clean up and sanitize.

The Kennels

The next thing to look for to know you are sending your dog to an excellent boarding facility is to check the kennels where your dog will most likely spend most of their time. Make sure they are comfortable and have plenty of room. Also, check if they have the area with the kennels temperature controlled. See what kind of bedding they have available and if plenty of water is available to the dog while they are in the kennel.

The Staff

Finally, note how the staff treats the dogs and you. Ask about the training for the team before they are allowed to handle the dogs to verify that they are qualified to care for many dogs. In addition, you want to ensure that the people taking care of your furry companion while you are away are friendly and have a genuine love for watching dogs.

Ensuring your dog is safe and well taken care of while you are away on a trip is vital. Choosing a boarding facility that has a clean building, cozy kennels, and friendly staff are all signs of an excellent boarding facility.