The most comfortable combination of summer: the street style looks like this in printed dresses with sneakers most comfortable combination of summer: the street style looks like this in printed dresses with sneakers.

Camouflage print comes and goes season after season. Especially in those closets for those looking for casual looks with modern and sporty airs. However, this last year has flooded the street style in a big way , showing that the military print has many (and wonderful) possibilities . Take note of how it-girls wear women’s camouflage pants and get yours all the way.

Women’s camouflage pants and neutral tones, the combo of minimalist bloggers

The basic and neutral colors such as gray, nude, or beige; stick with everything. This means that getting a sweater in this color will solve a lot of winter outfits. Especially if you are into the simplicity of minimalism. You can even wear them with this garment in military khaki tones that are so strong. We recommend that you play with accessories: military boots, loafers or a clutch will change the look completely.

Take your women’s camouflage pants with black, the mix that does not run out

It is the most effective option to show off your women’s camouflage pants. Especially on those days when you don’t have time to create elaborate looks . Black gives a more sophisticated result, elevating the camo print to give it a chic air that it would not otherwise achieve. From heels to rocker looks to a biker blow. Fashion recommendation: if you dare with everything, get some baggy designs for summer and wear them with a crop-top, you will look like Mel C!

Women’s camouflage pants in key working girl

If someone has ever told you that you can’t wear camo pants to the office, don’t follow their fashion advice again. Because of its khaki tones, this garment is just a more launched and powerful way to show off-trend earth colors. And they are basic, that with a white shirt, military jacket or matching blazer will be the most effective way of not getting bored at work.

If you want to be seen, wear your women’s camo pants with neon orange

If going unnoticed is something that does not fit you and you throw yourself into the arms of any extreme trend, say yes to neon! Especially orange, which goes with the greens of women’s camouflage pants like a glove. With accessories such as boots, bags or fanny packs it is a sure hit. But if you’re the “all or nothing” type, put on a teddy coat or knit sweater and get ready to turn heads.