What if there was a brewery that changed the way people experience beer, and there was no hype around it? What if people were discovering new things about it year after year? That is Ope Brewing. Founded in 2015 by two friends looking to take their passion for brewing and food to a new level, Ope Brewing has managed to do just that. From experimenting with different ingredients in their beer to creating unique flavors, this brewery is constantly making waves in the craft beer industry.

We are excited to tell you about Ope Brewing and how they constantly innovate and work hard to keep up with the times. Read on to find all you need to know about OE brewing.

Founders of Ope Brewing

Ope Brewing is a small brewery located in West Allis, Wisconsin. The company was founded by John Onopa, Kyle Ciske, and Adam Anders. The trio had originally planned to open their brewery in the late summer of 2021, but delays from the local government forced them to push back their opening date.

The brewery’s name is an abbreviation for “open-minded experimentation,” That motto has guided its brewing process since day one. It was founded on the idea that all beers should be made with care and consideration for the ingredients and processes used to make them. In pursuit of this goal, the brewery tries to create different and unique beers from what’s currently available on the market.

Their brews feature creative, innovative twists on classic styles such as pale ale and IPA. Ope Brewing also takes pride in its sustainable practices. Most notably, all of its grain is harvested locally, and it uses biodegradable corn syrups made from 100% organic corn.

The company’s motto is “Open-minded experimentation for all,” and it continues to live up to that pledge year after year by creating unique beers and exploring new flavors and styles.


Ope! Brewing Co. is a new brewery set to open this Friday, co-founded by John Onopa, Kyle Ciske, and Adam Anders. The trio brews up various styles, from Pale Ales and IPAs to Saisons and Stouts. The brewmasters have also developed their own signature Ope! Pale Ale recipe is made with pale and crystal malts and a blend of German and American hops.

Ope! Brewing Co.’s headquarters are located in West Allis, WI. The brewery can be contacted at 414-509-6700 for more information on its fresh and innovative craft beers.

Creative Team

Ope Brewing Co. is a new brewery based in West Allis, Wisconsin. It was founded by John Onopa, Kyle Ciske and Adam Anders. The brewery focuses on unique and creative beers that are punny and funny-named. They want to create something that doesn’t exist yet and be different than everyone else. The team has been experimenting with different ingredients and brewing methods to create unique and delectable beers for the local community and beyond.

The three co-founders planned to open Ope Brewing in the late summer of 2021. However, they have pushed their opening date back multiple times due to delays in receiving the necessary licenses and permits from the local government.

Ope Brewing started as a hobby for the team, but as they continue to experiment with new ideas and techniques, it has become a passion project for them and their loyal fans. They hope to continue innovating the beer industry and bringing smiles to people’s faces through their creativity and hard work.


Ope Brewing Co. is a new craft brewery set to open in West Allis, WI, on Friday, May 28th. The brewery was founded by John Onopa, Kyle Ciske, and Adam Anders. The trio’s experience in the brewing industry has helped them craft unique and fantastic beers perfect for all occasions and palates.

Ope Brewing offers 16 unique beers on tap for customers to enjoy. Some of their more popular beers include Ope Sour-y, Ope C-Daisy, and Ope Didn’t See Ya There. Each beer is named after a touchstone phrase from the team’s upbringing and reflects the essence of their creative vision.

The trio is known for its creative mindsets, and they often collaborate with other breweries and artists to create unique experiences for its patrons. They’ve recently partnered with local farmers to bring fresh produce and spices into the mix. Their goal is to brew beer that provokes thought and conversation about brewing beer well and responsibly—and nothing else.

Innovation and Future Plans

OPE Brewing Co. opened its doors to the public in West Allis, Wisconsin, on Friday. The brewery is a husband and wife team and offers 16 beers on tap with punny names like Ope Sour-y, Ope C-Daisy, and Ope Didn’t See Ya There. They had originally planned to open the brewery in the late summer of 2021, but due to delays and struggles, they opened their doors in time for Memorial Day weekend.

The owners had taken on a massive project when they decided to open a craft brewery in West Allis. They started by researching different breweries in the area and determining which would best fit their vision. After finding the perfect location, they built the brewery with an eye on sustainability and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of drinking ope?

Drinking ope! beers can offer a range of benefits for your health. For example, they are gluten-free and low in calories, making them a healthier choice for those who follow a gluten-free diet or are trying to lose weight. Additionally, ope! beers are made with natural ingredients, which makes them a healthier choice for those who want to avoid artificial additives.

How is Ope Brewing rated?

Ope Brewing is considered one of the best craft breweries in the West Allis area. Customers praise its quality craft beers, friendly staff, and cozy atmosphere. It is open 7 days a week, offering a variety of craft beers and other drinks. The brewery’s rating and customer reviews are on its website and other sites.

Is there a difference between regular and unfiltered ope?

There is no distinction between regular and unfiltered ope – both styles of ope are brewed with a variety of malts and hops. Ope is often described as having a “hoppy” flavor.

Can you add other ingredients to your ope besides hops and yeast?

Yes, you can add other ingredients to your ope beyond hops and yeast. These ingredients include raspberry, vanilla, and additional fruited flavors. Customers can contact Ope! Brewing Co. for more information about adding other flavors or ingredients to their beer.

Should I boil or ferment my ope before drinking it?

Some prefer to ferment their ope before drinking it to get the most out of the flavors. Food trucks may be available at Ope Brewing locations, and the company accepts credit cards. Ope Brewing is open seven days a week.


Ope Brewing Company was founded on brewing great craft beer and doing good. It has since grown to become one of the top breweries in Nigeria, brewing award-winning beers and inspiring others to follow their dream. The team has been working hard to ensure that they are shaping the future of craft beer by innovating and creating new experiences for beer lovers all over the world. If you have a story you’d like to share, comment below and we’ll get you featured!