Wondering how to break up with your girlfriend? You may not be sure how to tell her the best way that will cause her less pain and suffering.

One of the best ways to break up with your girlfriend is to go prepared. Also, don’t put it off too long. If you are not prepared, you may be disturbed and change your mind. Be ready for her to be upset or even angry and confused. It may be helpful to have a sentence in mind in case you are trying to change your mind, for example: “I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I’ve got an idea.”

We all know that it hurts to break up, especially over the phone or worse by text, so you should try to break up with your girlfriend in person, but you have to be sure of your decision, because you have decided that it is best for you, but there are cases in which the text message may be the most appropriate. If you haven’t been together for a long time or the relationship is long-distance. Sometimes it’s okay to use a phone call or text. It depends on the situation, but if you’re tempted to use text because it’s easier for you, it could be a sign that you need to use your part to have a face-to-face conversation, often an important step in ending a relationship and providing a closure

Advice on how to break up with the girl

Consult with someone you trust

Sometimes talking to a friend, family member, or therapist can help you clarify what you really want.

If you are interested in seeking a therapist’s head, online psychotherapy services are a helpful way to gain ongoing support. Serenis offers accessible services where you are in contact with a therapist.

Having someone nagging you and whom you don’t trust can help you emotionally prepare for your breakup; you can emotionally prepare yourself by practicing what you will say. And thinking about how you will behave if several hypothetical results occur.

Think of a plan and make it happen

You need to know what you are going to say and prepare your reasoning in case your Luxembourg friend tries to convince you or change your mind. If she is surprised or doesn’t want to continue the relationship, “tell her what I did wrong” by promising to change anything you may encounter. This is the time when your language can really help you understand that your decision is final, write it down or talk to someone you trust, and once you are comfortable with your decision and are ready. to go ahead, arrange a meeting with your friends to talk to them.

If you wait too long, you are missing out on your moment. And staying in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. Breaking up hurts at first, but eventually, you’ll be able to move on and find a more fulfilling relationship. It is best not to waste your time or and resolve the situation as quickly as possible. You deserve to be happy and you may feel guilty for breaking up with her, but it’s only fair that there is someone who wants to be with her, if it’s not you, that’s okay, you just have to tell them.

Be gentle but firm

If you know this is the right decision for you, don’t give up, be kind. And be honest by telling your girlfriend the truth about your feelings. If you can’t tell her why it can help her understand better than just saying you don’t want to be with her anymore or worse, “it’s not you, it’s me” or some other cliché. Whether you’ve been in a fight a lot, chances are she feels it too. If you’ve met someone else or another reason that may be painful to hear. She uses his best judgment to decide whether or not to tell them. Usually, it is best because she is likely to find a way. But there may be cases where it is best to say nothing if she is having a hard time dealing with difficult emotions; in this case, it is useful to know what kind of support systems you have.

Set limits if you need them. Getting on with your ex-girlfriend is getting harder and harder. You have to spend time apart until the reality of your breakup fades. Don’t gossip with friends afterward as this information is likely to come back and could cause a lot of pain.

If you’re planning on staying in touch, focus on setting healthy boundaries that allow you to be just friends and keep things uncomplicated.


Breakups are difficult, but you will feel better and relieved once you decide to leave it all behind. A therapist, family member, or trusted friend can be an excellent resource for planning and working on the courage to move forward with the breakup. Remember that she may not be surprised or upset that you are unable to help her.

Don’t ask for help to start moving on and getting your ex-girlfriend back. Having support can be helpful after your breakup, especially if you’re struggling to get over it. Just because you’re ready and know it’s right for you doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you too. Serena has many qualified therapists ready to help you get through this relationship. And help you decide what you want and need for future relationships.