Do you want to get married in a totally romantic way? Then install a floral arch on the wedding altar that frames your moment and gives it that natural and beautiful touch that flowers provide. This is a resource that has been used for many years but currently presents many variations and new elements that give it a more modern and rural touch. In this article, we are going to give you some good ideas for floral arches for weddings that will become the perfect setting to say “I do” to your loved one.

Asymmetric arches

The traditional arches are those that create a semi-circle full of flowers that can be white or of different shades. But, currently, much is played with asymmetry and, for this reason, some arches are created that are not completely filled with flowers, but only have one part covered and the other part completely bare.

To achieve this, you need to support the flowers on a surface and, one of the most used, is wood; Wooden frames are usually created to place the flowers on their legs or on the top and, thus, other decorative elements such as candles, leaves, etc. can also be added.

Floral arches with curtains

One of the newest elements currently being incorporated into floral arches for weddings are curtains. They can be any color you want but, in general, white is usually used as a reflection of the purity of the link and, in addition, this hue helps to highlight the tone of the flowers that you place in the arch.

You can build this arcade as you prefer but make sure that the curtain stands out among the flowers so that the effect is more attractive. We also recommend that you leave the curtains open, each one collected on one side, to enhance the prominence of the couple and achieve a dream setting to get married.

Arches with branches for a more rustic touch

If you want a more rustic wedding or want to do it in a forest, a good idea is to build your altar not only with a flower arch but also with different branches that give it that natural and surprising touch. This option is perfect for greener environments and, for example, for beach weddings, the previous idea that we have proposed with curtains would be better.

This is another of the ideas for floral arches for weddings that are easy to prepare because you will need branches of different sizes that you can join with esparto tape between the ends making an arch or a frame or, if you prefer, you can simply place the branches in the support of wood to cover it and make it easier to create this altar.

Arches for weddings with vintage airs

If you like vintage fashion, you can build your floral wedding arch with old elements that will give it that air that you are looking for. Keep in mind that this fashion trend is based on recovering old elements and giving them a new, newer, and more current use.

As far as the arches are concerned, it is recommended that instead of using fresh flowers, you choose to place dried flowers of different colors to further emphasize that dull and dull tone. But these flowers should be combined with more modern and up-to-date elements, such as a metal grid (as you can see in the image) that gives the altar a more underground and urban touch.

Arches for weddings with doors

Among the best ideas for floral arches for weddings, one of the trends that have been treading the strongest in recent seasons could not be missing: doors. This element symbolizes the passage to a new life, opening the doors to enter a new room, another stay in your life with the person who is next to you. It is, as you can see, a very romantic reason to decorate your wedding and give it a symbolic and precious touch.

You can use the doors you want but if you like vintage fashion, there is nothing better than opting for aged doors, with battered paint and off-white; You can also choose wooden doors if you want a more rural wedding or completely white doors if you are getting married on the beach.