Wedding in sight?!! Congratulations!! But since we don’t want the preparations to get on your nerves, we’ve asked our friends at The Yellow Sofa to give us the keys so that everything runs.

Save The Date!

Although the invitations are sent about two months before the wedding, as soon as you have a date spread the word so that your friends and family can organize themselves in time and reserve that day.

Think About The Guests

“A wedding ten is also one in which the bride and groom have thought of the guests and have anticipated their needs to ensure that everyone is comfortable and happy.” To do this, Indara and her team at The Yellow Sofa recommend providing them with a list of hotels, hairdressers, or services that they may need, holding a small celebration the day before so that they get to know each other, setting up a transport service so that they do not have to carry their own car… “Make everyone feel special”.

Choose The Place Of The Ceremony And The Celebration

Ideas from wedding planner

Now you know how you want the place of the celebration to be, the number of guests (approximate of course, it will always depend on the confirmations once you send the invitations) and you also know if you want to get married in a cathedral, in a small hermitage in the middle of the mountain, on the beach…

“Make a list of essential conditions that the space must have. Try to be a little flexible, because you will see pros and cons in all of them, and launch yourself in search of the place that you fall in love with”, recommends Indara.

All A Detail

When you have chosen the style of your wedding and have chosen and visited the site, it is time to think about the details. Try to follow a similar aesthetic line, so that everything is harmonious.

Hire Suppliers

From The Yellow Sofa, they have it very clear: “We always recommend starting with those that are most in-demand (photo and video) and those that are most important to the bride and groom (a specific music group, the wedding cake in that bakery). that you love…).” Then, slowly but surely, take care of the rest: catering, tents, invitations, flowers, transportation… “Step by step, dedicate more resources and budget to those you consider to be the highest priority.”

The Decoration

Once you have controlled the supplier issue, focus on this. From The Yellow Sofa, they do not recommend that the bride and groom think about the decoration as soon as they start with the preparations, because as they immerse themselves in the wedding universe they will discover more and more things. They will change their minds many times.

According to the wedding planner, it is not necessary to look for a theme for the wedding (movies, trips…). In fact, “it is already somewhat outdated,” they say. “But what is necessary is to stay true to a style or a common thread so that the wedding is harmonious.”

Indira and her team are always committed to investing more resources in the lunch or dinner table than in the aperitif or the dance, as this is the moment when people have more time to pay attention to the details.

  • If the wedding is during the day: give more prominence to the flowers. Remember that mid-height centerpieces are annoying. Better short or very tall.
  • If the wedding is at night: focus more on the candles. Lighting is increasingly important at weddings and can change everything: from light bulb garlands for more casual summer weddings to more complete lighting projects on facades, trees, arches, pergolas…

Goodbye To Stress

If you don’t have time, you think the preparations will cause you too much stress or you live far from the place of the celebration: delegate! Seek the help of a wedding planner like our friends at El Sofa Amarillo and let them advise you and take care of everything.

And above all keep in mind that…

  • Your family and friends also deserve to enjoy the wedding. So don’t burden them with homework assignments for the big day.
  • There will be things that go wrong, but you will only notice 99% of them. So don’t give it any importance and keep the party going!

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