If your make-up idea is usually limited to a little mascara, a veil of powder and little else, it’s probably because you love minimal looks and feel comfortable with a soap and water face. At least once, however, you will have thought that perhaps, from time to time, you might be slightly more daring, perhaps at a party or in the summer months, when every beauty venture is welcome. If you don’t know where to start to give your makeup a boost of energy, how about adding a few pops of color?

It is not necessary to exaggerate, small hints here and there are enough to completely change the final result.

Here are some ideas to take inspiration from and get started.

1. Ditch the black mascara

Even in the beauty bags of the most minimal make-up girls, the presence of mascara is practically a certainty. So if you also own one and consider this product the only one you really master, start from there and go for colored mascara.

The choice that is the most popular for all is obviously black, closely followed by brown, but on the market, there is mascara in many shades: blue, purple, green, and even fuchsia at times. Choose the color you like best and experiment without fear.

The dark base of the lashes, in fact, does not allow the colored pigments to cover them entirely, but only to give them a slight reflection of the chosen shade. In short, color yes but in moderation.

If you like the idea and want to go a little further, apply a white base before applying the mascara, in this way the color of the product used will be exactly what you will see on your lashes.

2. Use a colored eyeliner

To define the look in a simple but effective way, a line of eyeliner or pencil is the best solution, also because these products lend themselves to infinite techniques and, even in this case, the color alternatives are many.

Departing from the classic black, the less punchy options can be brown, blue, gray, or green, but if you’re going to add some color to your makeup, you should definitely head elsewhere.

For some years, in fact, in many summer make-up collections, there has been no shortage of eyeliner with the most disparate pop and fluo shades, from neon green to yellow to orange. So why not try them out, drawing a thin line of color along the upper lashline. If you complete the look with black mascara, the face will not be weighed down but the result will be super assured.

Go for multicolor eyeshadows

When it comes to color in make-up, one of the products that come to mind first is eyeshadow. Existing in almost any shade of color, it’s perfect if you want to experiment but don’t yet know which ones are best for you.

If you don’t already have it then buy a large enough palette and experiment as much as possible. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination and combine the different eyeshadows trying to blend them in the best possible way and find the nuances that best enhance you. You will not like all the results, but we are here to dare, right?

But remember, if your goal is color, stay away from neutral shades or use them only to create subtle highlights in the inner part of the eye or under the browbone.

Reevaluate blush

The blush is not among the most used beauty products but a veil is really enough in strategic points to change the image of the facial skin for the better. If you don’t usually integrate it into your make-up routine and skepticism was the first reaction to this idea, put your doubts aside and try it.

Choose a pink or peach shade, depending on the one you love the most and which best matches the shade of your skin, then spread a veil over your cheeks with a large, wide-bristled brush.

Looking in the mirror you will immediately notice how easy it was to add a little color to your makeup.

Don’t forget the lipstick

If you prefer to make up your eyes and complexion with colors that are as neutral as possible, focus on the lips and make them the focus of your make-up. Step out of the shadow zone of nude lipsticks and explore the color options which, in this case, are almost endless.

The choice depends on how far you want to push yourself beyond the comfort zone. If you prefer to proceed in small steps, rely on pink, choosing a delicate shade that is noticeable and suits your skin color.

Especially in summer, however, absolutely winning ideas are fuchsia and coral, cheerful and super feminine colors that go well with colorful outfits, tan, and almost all summer looks.

For the eternal undecided, however, the answer is only one: red lipstick. Must have lips par excellence, it suits everyone, even if we are often convinced of the opposite. You just need to find the perfect one for you.