All the techniques to make up black eyes

Black eyes, very common among Asian women, represent a real rarity in Europe and, for this reason, they carry charm and mystery. In Western countries, in fact, it is very rare to find women and girls with black eyes but not impossible. Even in Italy, there are women with particularly dark irises who often find it difficult to create make-up that can highlight them. As they are not very common, tutorials that explain how to enhance them and create suitable make-up are rare. Also, when the iris and pupil cannot be distinguished, the eye may lose depth, thus appearing dull and dim.

With a few simple tricks, it is possible to create a sophisticated make-up that can open the gaze, suitable for different occasions and for all seasons. In fact, we must consider that the black eye must be interpreted as a white palette on which it is possible to make every possible make-up. Using different colors and techniques to enhance the nuances.

Natural make-up for black eyes

To highlight black eyes with natural make-up. You can choose minimal and sophisticated make-up. To get started you will need to use the eye primer which will allow all the products used to last for a long time on the eyelid without crumbling or cracking. Once the base uses your fingertips you will have to wait for it to dry completely.

Then, using the flat brush, you can apply a powder-colored eyeshadow all over the eyelid. With the blending brush and the cold brown color. You can highlight the crease of the eye, paying particular attention to carefully blending the eyeshadow in order to create a slight hint of color. This step should be done carefully to avoid creating a color spot. For this reason, you will need to take a small amount of pigment at a time and blend it carefully before adding more.

Once this is done, you can proceed with eyeliner application(according to your tastes you can choose a gel, pen, or liquid product) creating a thinner line that culminates with a slight tip. Also, their eye shape is important when putting on eyeliner: Draw a thick line if your eyes are quite close together. Or dare with the tail if you have fairly elongated eyes.

To give more depth to the look and elongate the eye. You will have to slightly blend the outermost part of the eyeliner using the pen brush and the black eyeshadow and, with the black pencil. You will have to color the upper inner rim of the eye by darkening the space between the lashes. To give light to the inner corner and frame the eyes. It is advisable to apply a small dose of white pearl eyeshadow, with a cat’s tongue brush. In the inner corner of the eye and under the browbone. Finally, you will have to use a generous dose of mascara to distribute the product on the upper lashes. Working it carefully to untangle them and open the eyes.