Body lotion is a must-have product for soft, hydrated and smooth skin. Whether you’re dealing with ashy elbows, dehydrated legs or rough patches all over, slathering on a moisturizing cream is key. For best results, it’s important to apply your body lotion the right way and at the right time.

When it comes to moisturising, timing is everything. Therefore, it’s essential to know the most ideal times to apply body lotion. Though it’s best to do so when your skin is still damp, there’s not only one specific time you should moisturise your skin. For that round-the-clock soft and supple skin, here are the 5 best times to apply body lotion to experience its maximum benefits from

  1. As soon as you hop out of the shower

Experts always suggest applying body lotion once you exit the shower. This is because while washing your body, you strip your skin off with its natural oils. So it’s important to slather a good body lotion like Mayerling’s De-Ageing Body Treatment within five minutes after you shower to make sure you lock in your skin’s natural moisture. Opt for one that specialises in lightening pigmentation and smoothing dry, scaly patches. Target them by not missing the legs, knees, and elbows.

  1. After you shave

Aside from removing unwanted body hair, shaving also gets rid of the surface layer of skin cells, similar to exfoliation. It’s good to apply body lotion after you do this as it means your skin can absorb more hydration. In doing so, you’re also preventing your newly exposed skin from getting dry, which may cause skin irritation. Quick tip. Since after-shave skin may be a little sensitive, it’s better to use an unscented and unperfumed lotion that still does the job of moisturising.

  1. Before a run or going outdoors

When you’re outdoors, whether exercising or not, you’re exposing your skin to certain elements like wind, pollution, or UV rays. Not applying body lotion can potentially risk your skin to dullness or dryness. Apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 30+ to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Go for one that is non-greasy and lightweight. That’s what you need when you know you’ll be sweating! But wait, the sun is not your only enemy. Even during winter, you still must generously apply lotion as your skin can be more prone to crack, flake, or peel. So always remember to put on a good amount of body lotion before heading out to keep your skin protected and hydrated, even before you play games at casinos usa.

  1. During and after air travel

Hopping on a plane is inconvenient enough for many. Add to it the skin dryness that comes with flying. It is widely known that air travel causes your skin to get dry. This is because planes have low humidity and the recycled air inside is notorious for dehydrating the skin. To combat this, make it a habit to bring along in your carry-on your trusted body lotion in travel size. Apply it generously when you get to your seat and once more when you land.

  1. Before going to bed

Did you know that while we sleep, moisture is pulled out from our skin? This is exactly why it’s good to include applying some body lotion in your bedtime ritual to protect your skin from dehydration. Also, because our bodies still do their work during our snooze.