We reveal the keys to making your hair strong and full of shine. Simple steps that make the difference in achieving healthy hair.

Very few women are happy with their hair because we don’t usually take care of it as we should. We do our hair up with wet hair, we wear pigtails that are too tight, we go to bed with wet hair, and we don’t use masks for the time or frequency indicated… How should we take care of our hair?

The many factors to which hair is exposed – pollution, cold or hot tools – make a healthy hair routine more important than ever. In addition to the numerous products and treatments with which we can pamper our hair, there are seven golden rules for shiny, strong, and healthy hair. Daily gestures (used by the experts) to incorporate into your hair care routine. To find out how to take care of it and pamper it at this time of year, we asked Diana Daureo (director and founder of the Diana Daureo hairdressing center).

How do protect the hair from the first rays of spring sun?

Rules for healthy hair

“To protect the hair from the sun’s rays, it will be convenient to provide antioxidants. To do this, the ideal thing would be in the salon, once a month, to carry out a protein-based treatment that acts as a protective armor to strengthen and restructure it, providing an extra shine” says Diana Daureo.

Brushing is an essential gesture

You must include it in your beauty routine and do it at least twice a day. Brush your hair both in the morning and at night. Also, if you are going to wash it, you should also do it right before using the shampoo. Why? Combing the hair is a very effective way to distribute the sebum from the roots to the ends. Believe it or not, that is the most suitable natural protection to take care of the cuticles, and avoid knots. Take the opportunity to improve microcirculation with a massage on the scalp.

Apply the mask before shampooing

The masks are used on dry hair, always from the middle to the end. To benefit from 100% of its ingredients, you have to create a Hamman for your hair. How? Once you have applied the product, wrap the hair with a film of plastic wrap and a hot towel for 20 minutes. Then remove it, put your head under the shower and emulsify with your fingers until the product disappears.

Shampoo requires its phases

You have to record this maxim because optimizing this step is the key to achieving beautiful and shiny hair. For a professional cleaning you must change the proportions that you have always used: use a lot of fresh water, a very small amount of product, and do the distribution three times (from the forehead to the nape of the neck passing through the crown).

In any case, avoid excessive rubbing of the scalp as it can unbalance the sebaceous glands and remove too many oils from the surface. That could trigger your skin to produce more oil to maintain its natural balance.

The rinse is another beauty treatment

Believe it or not, this detail changes everything. Put your head back, and face the shower. Pretend you are combing through the hair, helping to remove the formula with your fingers. Little by little the foam and product remains will disappear. Any tricks to increase the brightness? Have the courage to do it with cold water (hot water dehydrates), with a bottle of mineral water, or try adding a few drops of vinegar to the last rinse.

Drying is not an option

Do not underestimate it, because hair that is wet is matte hair. Ideally, you should never use a heat tool at the highest temperature or move the hair in all directions during drying so that the ends are not ruffled. While removing moisture, always use a round brush that allows air to circulate inside to allow the greatest amount of water to evaporate without overheating the cuticles. This is the way to achieve a shiny surface.

The conditioner is decisive

Keep in mind that it is responsible for you being able to wear perfect straight hair and that, thanks to these smoothing formulas, you preserve the elasticity of the hair. The basic rule for using the conditioner is very simple: spread the detangler from the middle of the total length of the hair to the ends and distribute it evenly with a plastic comb.

Do it with great care, do not try to save time by pulling the hair with force or your cuticles will suffer! In fact, it is best to hold each strand with one hand as you comb it to avoid unnecessary pulling. Then, comb your hair back and be patient to let the formula work for ten minutes.

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