Some small, others large, some with intense color, and others with very subtle tones. But all these floral species share beauty and nationality. Choose from the following the one that best goes with the theme of your wedding.

There is no doubt that flowers beautify any space of the wedding reception. However, there are species that look better depending on the type of wedding celebration. The color palette used in the decoration, and even the time of year. Mexican flowers like the ones listed below have the goodness of being more resistant to the climates of the different parts of the country. Therefore, they exploit their beauty to the fullest when used in the bridal bouquet, on the roof of the place of the celebration, in the ceremonial aisle, or in the centerpieces. If you want to know what the national flowers are, don’t miss out on this article.

1. Gannet

Diego Rivera placed gannets as an important element of Mexican art and culture thanks to his paintings, so it’s a great idea to consider this long-stemmed species to decorate your wedding venue. Those who are thinking of a wedding celebration with a regional theme, choose these wedding flowers with a pleasant aroma and durability to put them in clay or glass vases to print a more elegant air. In the same way, they are also the favorites to wear in bridal bouquets.

2. Amaranth

This flower has a very special meaning that makes it perfect to include in your wedding celebration, as it symbolizes immortality. The variety of its colors and its large size are ideal for decorating bohemian or country-style weddings, without neglecting the possibilities of combining it with other species to create charming Mexican flower arrangements.

3. Bird of Paradise

This beautiful flower with striking colors and shapes is not common in bridal decorations, which is why it is ideal for couples who want to put a very personal accent on every detail. Its resistance to heat makes it one of the most requested flowers for destination weddings on the beach, either to form wedding table arrangements or as the protagonist of an original bouquet for the bridesmaids.

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4. Bougainvillea

Spring arrives and many places in Mexico are flooded with that beautiful purple color that the bougainvillea gives. Its intense and romantic fuchsia color hypnotizes. In addition, this flower is easy to acquire and very cheap, so you can use it in the decoration of the main dishes, as table runners accompanied by rustic foliage such as eucalyptus branches, on the altar for the ceremony… They will look beautiful!

5. Carnation

The carnation is one of the most romantic flowers and is also very resistant to heat. Its colors are intense, its shape is fluffy and tender, but imposing. White, lilac, red, hot, and light pink is part of the range of tones that can be used for the wedding ceremony and that allow this species to be included in the decoration of the cake or in the arch of the ceremonial aisle.

6. Cempasuchil

Related to the Day of the Dead, this flower of powerful attraction is also used for ornamental purposes at weddings that take place especially in the penultimate months of the year and whose theme has to do with national festivities. Ideal to be combined in the bouquet with purple or pink tones if you want to accentuate the color and folklore that characterize the country. Mexican cempasúchil wedding table settings will draw all the attention of your guests.

7. Chrysanthemum

With abundant and perfectly defined petals, the chrysanthemum is used to give a volume effect to the flower arrangements that are placed as part of the decoration of the ceremonial corridor in religious venues. Although it offers a variety of colors, white is the most common. Due to its beauty and the purity of its white that ends in a subtle green in the center.

8. Dahlia

Another of the Mexican flowers very similar to the chrysanthemum, but with softer and longer petals, is the Dahlia. One of the favorite species for bridal decoration because it provides depth. By itself, it is a bouquet when combined with other species in similar or even opposite tones. It looks perfect to be added to simple Mexican wedding centerpieces in which all the protagonism falls on this beautiful flower.

9. Lili

These starry-looking flowers are reminiscent of the most beautiful night skyscapes you’ve ever seen. Also called the “Acapulco flower” it is very pleasing to the eye so it can easily be made charming combinations to form the entrance arch for the bride and groom, place it in glass containers to decorate the tables that receive your guests or on your own table boyfriends.

10. Christmas Eve

A classic of Christmas decorations, this flower will give a very warm. And welcoming touch to your wedding venue if you have decided to get married in the colder months of the year and want to add an air of the holiday season. They can place them at the reception or even choose to give them to their family and friends as part of very natural and original memory.

11. Orchid

This flower is highly valued for its shape and elegance. The variety of its colors and the arrangement of the petals make it a charming and sophisticated species. Couples who have chosen minimalist weddings look to orchids for their natural beauty, their subtlety, and delicate presence. Some species of this type of flower are edible, so do not hesitate to include them in the menu.

Most of the Mexican flowers listed are usually cheaper than the rest. Although of course if they do not find the exact tone they are looking for. They can ask their supplier to create a similar arrangement. Or advise them on how they can be combined. each other. In our guide to wedding florists, you will find the closest professionals in your state.