In the thrilling world of “Detective Girl of the Steam City,” players embark on an adventure filled with mysteries waiting to be solved. As you dive into this captivating game, you might encounter situations where you need to lower a character’s reason. Lowering reason is a crucial element in progressing through the game, and in this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this mechanic, providing you with practical strategies to tackle it like a true detective. This article is organized by

Understanding the Role of Reason

As a fan of detective games, I always appreciate it when reason is a valuable resource that can be manipulated strategically. This is true in many games, including the popular detective girl of the steam city. In this game, reason is essential for solving puzzles, making critical decisions, and navigating the narrative. However, there are instances where lowering a character’s reason becomes necessary to unlock new paths and discover hidden clues.

Step-by-Step Guide to Lower Reason

1. Engage in Conversations and Interactions

Interacting with various characters and objects is the heart of the game. Engage in conversations and choose dialogue options that challenge or contradict the characters’ beliefs. This can lead to doubt and a decrease in their reason.

2. Question Contradictions

As you progress, pay attention to contradictions in the narrative. Gently point out these discrepancies during conversations with characters. This can sow seeds of doubt and lead to a reduction in their reason.

3. Present Inconsistent Evidence

When presenting evidence during investigations, opt for evidence that contradicts the characters’ statements. This can undermine their confidence in their beliefs and lower their reason.

4. Exploit Emotional Vulnerabilities

Characters’ emotional vulnerabilities can be exploited to lower their reason. During conversations, explore sensitive topics that trigger emotional responses, causing their reason to waver.

5. Unearth Hidden Motives

Delve into characters’ pasts and motives to unveil secrets that challenge their reasoning. Exposing hidden truths can destabilize their confidence and contribute to reducing their reason.

6. Trigger Doubtful Situations

Influence characters’ perceptions by placing them in situations that cast doubt on their beliefs. Creating uncertainty can lead to a gradual decrease in their reason.

7. Navigate Moral Dilemmas

Present characters with moral dilemmas that force them to question their values. The internal conflict generated can lead to a decline in their reason as they grapple with uncertainty.

8. Converse with Skill

Master the art of conversation by using rhetoric, persuasion, and empathy. Craft your dialogue choices to challenge characters’ reasoning without appearing confrontational.

9. Make Decisions Against Their Beliefs

When faced with decisions, opt for choices that go against the characters’ established beliefs. This can create cognitive dissonance and contribute to lowering their reason.

10. Allow Time for Reflection

After engaging characters in doubt-inducing conversations, give them time to reflect on the new information. This can result in a gradual erosion of their reason over time.


“Detective Girl of the Steam City” presents players with an intricate web of mysteries and relationships. Lowering a character’s reason is a subtle yet powerful tool that adds depth to the gameplay experience. By skillfully navigating conversations, exposing contradictions, and exploiting vulnerabilities, you can uncover hidden truths and pave the way for new discoveries.


Q1: Can I complete the game without lowering the characters’ reason?

A: While it’s possible, lowering reason often leads to uncovering alternate storylines and hidden secrets, enhancing the overall experience.

Q2: Are there specific characters whose reason should be targeted?

A: The choice of characters depends on your desired outcomes. Experiment with different approaches to see how they affect the narrative.

Q3: How does lowering reason affect the ending of the game?

A: Lowering reason can influence the ending by revealing unique story paths and outcomes that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise.

Q4: Can reason be raised again after it’s lowered?

A: Yes, through careful interactions and decisions, you can gradually raise a character’s reason if desired.

Q5: How many different endings are there in the game?

A: “Detective Girl of the Steam City” boasts multiple endings, each shaped by your choices, including those related to lowering reason.